Integrity Management

Corrosion may occur where water is present leading to early equipment failures, pitting, solids affecting fluids, iron deposits, and environmental and safety issues due to system failures. Halliburton can design a corrosion control program to address the corrosion risk profile of your location. Through regular monitoring for corrosion potential and chemical performance treatment, an optimized corrosion-mitigation program can be created to help protect your asset year after year. This helps to ensure that your system’s metallurgy is protected, and extends the effective life of your asset. It can also provide significant cost savings by preventing failures and environmental releases, as well as aiding maximum production capacity through the systems.

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Summary Summary Consecutive Treatments Enhance Biocide Efficacy During Water Flooding of Algerian Oilfield
An Algerian operator found it necessary to employ water flooding for optimal production at two of its mature oil and gas fields. The bulk injection water was comprised of a combination of saline produced water diluted with aquifer water.
Summary Summary Combination Multi-Chem Biocide System Used to Cost-Effectively Save 650,000 Gallons of Water for Re-Use
An operator located in Wheeler, Texas encountered a sudden, emergency bridge plug leak, forcing them to postpone an imminent fracturing treatment for one month during repairs. This unforeseen delay meant that the ready-to-go frac water would be left standing for approximately 30 days in 31 frac tanks on location.
Summary Summary NaturaLine® Products and Solutions
Multi-Chem’s customer-specific NaturaLine® solutions can offer the operator the opportunity to use a reduced amount of chemicals and achieve the same, or greater, production results. For the community where the operations take place, this means improved environmental and safety stewardship.
Summary Summary Sulfide Stress Cracking - Practical Application to the Oil and Gas Industry
The phenomenon of sulfide stress cracking (SSC) can result in catastrophic failures of pressurized equipment and piping, resulting in extensive damage, injuries and possible fatalities. This paper concentrates on, and identifies, the requirements for SSC to occur and gives designers and operators practical options for the prevention of SSC in equipment operating in an aqueous H2S environment.
Summary Summary NaturaLine® Products and Solutions
Multi-Chem’s NaturaLine® solutions, including our line of carefully selected environmentally conscious products, offer a unique opportunity to collaborate with customers and develop the most effective and environmentally responsible options to production challenges.
Summary Summary Biocides
The Multi-Chem line of biocides and biological control technologies are formulated to control deleterious micro-organisms in water used in frac jobs and production systems, and help maintain asset integrity and mitigate potential problems, such as microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC), biomass accumulation, biogenic sulfide production, oil carryover, and polymer degradation.
Summary Summary Oxygen-Scavengers
Most oxygen corrosion in oilfield metallurgy is caused by the addition of fluids from the surface that have been exposed to air for any length of time. When large quantities of fluids are injected downhole—as they are in fracturing operations, saltwater disposal wells, formation squeezes, or waterflood operations—oxygen can be introduced in significant quantities.
Summary Summary integrity-management
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