Petroleum Geomechanics

We bring the full depth of Halliburton's experience from engineering to execution. Our programs deliver actions and results that improve the life of your asset with cost-competitive packages.

Halliburton's unique approach on Geomechanics is centered on People, Process and Technology. The process integrates geology, petrophysics, geophysics and engineering work on well planning, drilling, production and completion challenges with an analysis that considers all available information in order to identify, predict, prevent costly events and to optimally manage your well/reservoir. Applications for Geomechanics are used in conventional and unconventional reservoirs for Field Development Planning, Deepwater and Exploration. Halliburton Consulting Geomechanics Group provides pore pressure and geotechnical services analysis, planning and real-time (execution) support to improve the success of exploration and development projects, Our team's extensive experience in impacting Geomechanical solutions and long history of working collaboratively can help clients achieve optimum results.

Drilling & Completion Geomechanics

  • Predrill Pore Pressure & Wellbore Stability Prediction
  • Real-time Pore Pressure & Wellbore Stability Analysis
  • Ahead of the Bit Pore Pressure Prediction using Basin Scale Geologic Modeling
  • Cutting Re-Injection Analysis & Monitoring
  • Casing Integrity Analysis
  • Sand Production Prediction
  • Reservoir Stimulation
  • Perforation Optimization

Reservoir Geomechanics

  • 3D Geomechanical Analysis
  • Fault Seal Analysis
  • Compaction & Subsidence
  • Shale Geomechanics