Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) to Maximize Economic Value

The current average worldwide recovery factor is about 35%; increasing it by just 1% represents more than a year of worldwide consumption. At current oil prices, enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is very attractive as a method to increase reserves, production, and profitability. Operators are therefore devoting significant resources to EOR initiatives.

The Halliburton multi-disciplinary teams work closely with customers to identify and implement optimum EOR methods to maximize the economic value of EOR projects in both green and mature fields.

Halliburton delivers tailored EOR solutions using a proven approach to identify and evaluate EOR opportunities:

  • Reservoir characterization
  • Analytical and numerical simulation models
  • Assessment of applicable EOR methods
  • Pilot test design and implementation
  • Full field planning and deployment
  • Monitoring and optimization of EOR activities in real time.

The Halliburton offering covers the spectrum of EOR methods, including secondary, chemical, miscible and thermal recovery processes. Halliburton has proprietary processes and hardware to help in targeting EOR processes to the areas of the formation that most need them. Halliburton also has state-of-the-art techniques for optimization of EOR projects using such tools as advanced reservoir simulation.