Drilling and Completions Engineering

Creating an efficient and effective well design is essential whether you are assessing a field development strategy, or preparing for well construction operations. Our experienced engineers can help you whether you need a complete turnkey design, or simply support for difficult project. Our experiences cover most petroleum basins globally and include Deepwater, Shelf and extensive land experience in horizontals. Our engineers use the latest Landmark technologies for their designs and can easily integrate with collaborative well planning or geomechanical services to provide the level of service that best suits your needs.

Benefits include:

  • Improved safety through risk identification and mitigation
  • Increased Rate of Penetration during drilling
  • Reduced casing-related costs and contingency casing designs
  • Prevention of kicks, stuck pipe, lost circulation and well control events
  • Optimized hole sizes for maximum protection and production
  • Minimizing nonproductive time and capital expenditures