Drilling and Evaluation

Halliburton Drilling and Evaluation

Our Drilling and Evaluation division provides field and reservoir modeling, drilling, evaluation, and precise well-bore placement solutions that enable you to model, measure, and optimize your well construction activities. The division consists of Sperry Drilling, Drill Bits & Services, Baroid, Wireline & Perforating, Testing & Subsea, Landmark, and Consulting & Project Management.

Sperry Drilling provides drilling systems and services. These services include directional and horizontal drilling, measurement-while-drilling, logging-while-drilling, multilateral systems, underbalanced applications, and rig site information systems. Our drilling systems offer directional control while providing important measurements about the characteristics of the drill string and geological formations while drilling directional wells.  Real-time operating capabilities enable the monitoring of well progress and aid decision-making processes.

Drill Bits & Services provides roller cone rock bits, fixed cutter bits, and related downhole tools used in drilling oil and gas wells.  In addition, coring equipment and services are provided to acquire cores of the formation drilled for evaluation.

Baroid provides drilling fluid systems, performance additives, solids control, and waste management services for oil and gas drilling, completion, and workover operations.

Wireline & Perforating includes open-hole wireline services that provide information on formation evaluation, including resistivity, porosity, and density, rock mechanics, and fluid sampling.  Also offered are cased-hole and slickline services, which provide cement bond evaluation, reservoir monitoring, pipe evaluation, pipe recovery, mechanical services, well intervention, perforating and borehole seismic services.  Perforating services include tubing-conveyed perforating services and products. Borehole seismic services include fracture analysis and mapping.

Testing & Subsea provides acquisition and analysis of dynamic reservoir information and reservoir optimization solutions using downhole test tools, data acquisition services using telemetry and electronic memory recording, fluid sampling, surface well testing, subsea safety systems, and reservoir engineering services.

Landmark is the leading technology solutions provider of data and analytics, science, software, and services for the oil and gas exploration and production industry.

Consulting & Project Management provides oilfield project management and integrated solutions to independent, integrated, and national oil companies. These offerings make use of all of our oilfield services, products, technologies, and project management capabilities to assist our customers in optimizing the value of their oil and natural gas assets.