Acid Soluble Lost Circulation Materials

Effective lost circulation treatment 

When drilling into highly fractured formations, severe fluid losses are often encountered, posing serious threats to the drilling operation. Fluid losses, especially severe and total fluid losses, lead to risks such as high costs associated with replacing drilling fluids; formation damage left behind by remedial lost circulation treatments; and in extreme cases, losses in hydrostatic pressure that can cause an influx of gas or fluid, which could potentially result in a blowout of the well.

Low-cost solution

Baroid’s lost circulation materials provide an efficient, low cost solution to lost circulation in the reservoir.   In addition to reducing the risk of fluid losses, these systems are non-damaging to the formation, and can provide operational advantages over conventional lost circulation treatments.

BaraBlend®-657 Lost Circulation Material
BaraBlend®-657 is an acid soluble, multi-modal particulate engineered, composite solution to specifically help remediate partial to severe lost circulation in reservoir formations by sealing fractures up to 3,000 microns in size.

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