HP/HT HSE & Service Quality

In the energy industry, companies must meet or exceed a vast array of environmental, health and safety standards. Halliburton goes beyond compliance to focus on sustainability in everything we do, striving to leave the places where we work better than we found them. Our goal is to provide products and services that have a minimal environmental impact, are safe in their intended use, consume resources efficiently and can be recycled, reused or disposed of safely. We have always embraced the job of ensuring that all our technologies meet the highest safety and environmental standards.

Reliable equipment, people and processes are key to dealing with high temperature/high pressure situations

High temperature and/or high-pressure environments present significant dangers to people, property, and the environment. High-temperature situations can cause equipment failures that may lead to pressure issues and possible spills that could adversely affect the environment. In high-pressure situations, the higher the pressure, the more stored energy is available. Should there be an uncontrolled release, it could cause serious injury to people and damage to property.

Halliburton's commitment to health, safety, and the environment extend itself to high temperature/ high-pressure situations. Our reliable equipment, experienced people, and best-in-class processes are key and essential to dealing with high temperature/ high-pressure environments.