Critical Focus Areas

The Critical Focus Areas are those areas that present the biggest risk for the occurrence of HSE, process safety, and service quality incidents. When conducting operations involving any Critical Focus Area, extra attention and absolute adherence to our processes are imperative. The Critical Focus Areas are:

  • Barriers – The physical measures, such as packers, plugs, blowout preventers (BOPs), surface valves, drilling fluids or cement that prevent gas or oil from flowing into the well from the formation and traveling to the surface.
  • Hydrocarbons to the Surface – Flow of gas or oil to the surface, such as in well testing or well cleanup operations.
  • Trapped Pressure – Equipment in which a release of pressure could occur, such as discharge iron, lab machinery, BOPs, cement heads, swages, wellhead pressure control-equipment, pipelines, hoses, tanks or silos.
  • Well Proximity – The potential for collision with a producing or existing wellbore while drilling.
  • Radiation and Explosives – Any surface activities involving a radioactive source or explosive material.