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Mitigating deepwater and subsea formation evaluation challenges

Formation evaluation and drilling pose challenges on land. Offshore conditions are more complex, with HPHT stresses placed on equipment, due to deepwater and formation conditions. Halliburton addresses the complexities of drilling through unpredictable salt formations and harsh deepwater conditions by using advanced directional drilling profiles and automated steering technologies.

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World Oil - Deepwater/Subsea Technology: Formation evaluation
Earth model made by software
Halliburton and Wintershall Dea collaboration

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Unified ensemble modeling solution to be used by Wintershall Dea

Halliburton and Wintershall Dea have announced a license agreement under which Wintershall Dea will use Halliburton Landmark’s new UEM solution, an innovative approach that for the first time simultaneously integrates static and dynamic data in real time to represent subsurface conditions across multiple scales.

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innovative lost circulation solution

Quickly address lost circulation and reduce NPT with SentinelCem™ Pro

Halliburton's new SentinelCem Pro cement system helps customers cure severe to total losses while drilling. The single-sack packaging enables proactive storage in offshore and remote locations, and simplifies mixing operations as it eliminates the need for pre-hydration of the slurry design and access to high-purity water sources.

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SentinelCem Pro Cement System
SentinelCem Pro Cement System

Halliburton Second Quarter 2024 Earnings Conference Call

Halliburton will host a conference call on Friday, July 19, 2024, to discuss its second quarter 2024 financial results.

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