HP/HT Halliburton Advantage

Solving challenges in high pressure / high temperature wells since 1960

Halliburton not only has the industry’s leading experts and the largest HP/HT fleet, we’ve been continually developing and upgrading our HP/HT capabilities for the last 50 years. From superior pressure management technologies to unique, industry-leading advances in HT electronics and sealing technologies to HT elastomers and tailored operating practices that save time and reduce downtime, Halliburton is the one to call on for all things HP/HT.

Improving reliability through testing

Halliburton's primary service quality objective is to exceed our customer's expectations. A key component of this process is our state-of-the-art testing and design validation facilities. Through the experience and knowledge of our people and a commitment to technological innovation, Halliburton continues to deliver safe, reliable and technically advanced products and services.

Breakthrough HP/HT Technologies

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