Halliburton launches first-of-its-kind Superfill™ II Diverter

SuperFill™ II diverter optimizes casing running speeds solving surge pressure challenges.

HOUSTON April 3, 2024 – Halliburton Company (NYSE: HAL) has added the SuperFill™ II diverter to its SuperFill™ surge reduction equipment portfolio. The SuperFill II diverter redirects fluid flow to minimize frictional pressure loss through the length of the landing string, which enhances the benefits of the auto-fill float equipment. The innovative operating glass seat provides an open internal flow path with no restrictions once the diverter is closed.

With this tool, we provide our customers a compatible, universal solution to help maximize casing running speed. Because its glass ball seat leaves no debris after activation, there are no ID restrictions that limit use with additional downhole tools. Halliburton addresses the industry’s surge pressure challenges with the introduction of the SuperFill II diverter.

Matt Lang, vice president, Cementing

The SuperFill II diverter is compatible with the industry’s liner and subsurface release plug systems. The versatility of this feature ensures increased efficiency throughout the entire operational spectrum, from running casing to total depth, to the release of the cementing wiper plugs, to the installation of the liner.

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SuperFill™ II Diverter

SuperFill™ II Diverter

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SuperFill™ Surge Reduction Float Equipment

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