Halliburton Consulting is a petrotechnical consultancy with expertise in all upstream disciplines—from geology and geophysics to production engineering and petroleum economics. We work with clients to supplement their in-house capabilities, provide insight, render independent opinions, accelerate project development, and make client workflows more efficient.

Why use Halliburton Consulting?

  • You need specific technical expertise that you don’t have inside your organization
  • You want help solving a complex technical or business challenge
  • You are entering a new geography or market type and need to quickly develop your expertise

Our leaders have combined 400 years of oil and gas industry experience, with advanced degrees from top universities, like Stanford, MIT, Harvard, and Cambridge. We are a global organization with 600 consultants working in over 35 countries. The vast majority of our consultants have operator experience; this gives us a combination of first-rate technical expertise and a client’s mindset.

Being a part of Halliburton puts us in the unique position. It enables us to integrate global knowledge, local collaboration, and execution capability to maximize asset value for our clients.

Halliburton Consulting integrates global knowledge, local collaboration, and execution capability to maximize asset value for our clients.

Global Knowledge

We have practices aligned to the four key challenges facing operators today:

  • Unconventionals—opportunity screening, sweet spot localization, techno-economic assessment, and full field development planning
  • Mature Fields—immediate production impact solutions, reservoir rediscovery, and well plug and abandonment
  • Deep Water—well engineering and planning, real-time operations, and petroleum geomechanics
  • Performance Improvement and Capability Development—organizational design, process improvement, change management, and capability development programs

These focused practices are supported by functional groups, which take on projects both inside and outside of the four key challenges:

  • Reservoir Characterization—a global pool of geology, geophysics, and petrophysics experts
  • Reservoir Optimization—a network of reservoir engineers, petroleum engineers, and production specialists

Local Collaboration

As a group, we have worked in every basin in the world. We combine that local knowledge with industry best practices. Because we work with many clients on various issues, we have a good idea of what works, what doesn’t—and what we can improve.

Execution Capability

Before we even make recommendations, we work with experts inside Halliburton who can handle the execution. From sharing vast Halliburton US unconventional experience to suggesting state-of-the-art technologies for mature fields—we integrate operational considerations into our consulting work.

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