Filtration Technology

Formations that are considered soft or poorly consolidated are often plagued by sand production. Conventional treatments for sand producing wells include gravel packing, sand consolidation and resin-coated sand slurries.

For such challenging formations, Halliburton provides specialized screens to inhibit the movement of formation sand into the wellbore, surface pumping equipment, fluid systems, and filtration systems. With their advanced, highly-engineered, proven filtration advantages, these screens help capture the best possible value from particularly challenging assets.

PetroGuard® Advanced Mesh Screen
PetroGuard® Advanced Mesh screen brings advanced filtration technology to the upstream oil and gas industry. Designed to provide the highest solids retention and plugging resistance possible, its multi-layered construction is ideal for a wide range of sand control applications.
PetroGuard® Mesh-DS Screen
For sand control applications where a more efficient filtration media is required, the PetroGuard® Mesh-DS screen’s shrouded, non-bonded mesh provides superior solids filtration.
PetroGuard® Wrap Screen
PetroGuard® Wrap is a wrap-on-pipe screen featuring a wire-wrapped type filter constructed directly onto the basepipe.
PoroMax® Screens
These screens retain the toughness of the highly successful original Poroplus® screen making them suitable for installations with an extended reach and/or long open hole and for installation through a casing window (such as for multilateral completions), with or without centralization.
Prepacked Screens
Halliburton offers several prepack screen designs to suit your sand control needs including enhanced low profile, premium low profile, and dual-screen.
Wire-Wrapped Screens
With its keystone-shaped wrap wire on round rib wires, the unique shape of the wire-wrapped screen decreases the chances of plugging the screen.


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