Micromax® Weight Additives

Fine-particle additive increases slurry density

Micromax weight additive increases slurry density with hausmannite ore ground to an average particle size of 5 microns. Unlike most weighting materials, Micromax weight additive remains in suspension when added directly to mixing water.

Micromax FF additive has the same excellent slurry properties as the original Micromax additive, but it solves some handling issues. It can be dry blended, pneumatically transferred, and greatly reduces dust.

Micromax weight additives can be used at bottomhole circulating temperatures between 80° and 500°F (27° to 260°C). In deep wells with high temperatures and pressures, Micromax weight additives can help restrain formation pressures and improve mud displacement.

Additive concentrations depend on the slurry weight designed for individual wells. Because of the fine-ground ore in Micromax additive, higher concentrations of retarders might be required to achieve the thickening times provided by other types of weight additives. Slurries containing Micromax additive might also require the addition of dispersants.

The Environmental Protection Agency does not classify Micromax weight additives as hazardous waste.

Micromax® weight additive is a product from Elkem AS.  Micromax is a registered trademark owned by Elkem AS.

MICROMAX® Weight Additives

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