BridgeMaker™ LCM Spacer Fluid

The BridgeMaker™ LCM spacer fluid is designed to overcome lost circulation while preparing the wellbore to receive cement. It is an environmentally friendly blend of carefully selected materials. These include coarse and tough lost circulation material; fibers; and medium-sized, resilient angular material. This fluid system helps mitigate losses when cementing across weak, unconsolidated or fractured formations.

This fluid system carries materials with both high-pressure integrity and compressibility to help ensure tolerance to changes in fracture size due to differential pressure fluctuations without the materials being dislodged or allowing collapse. These are stable and insoluble in water.

This fluid is able to break the emulsion of oil-based drilling fluids, water wetting the casing or pipe and the formation in preparation for cement bonding. Additionally, it resists intermingling of fluids at the interface in the fluid train.

The BridgeMaker LCM spacer fluid allows for customized viscosity and the particles remain in suspension with minimal risk of sedimentation. Additionally, it can accommodate weighting additives to optimize the fluid density.

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