Waste Treatment and Disposal

Comprehensive fluid recovery and disposal options for environmental leadership
Baroid follows industry-leading processes to address safety, environmental, and economic impacts to design the best waste treatment and disposal solution for every well. A full view of the operation helps increase efficiencies by applying technologies and services to recover and reuse fluids, and dispose of waste in cost-efficient, environmentally sustainable ways.

Maximize fluid recovery and minimize environmental impact
We offer a wide variety of options including vertical cuttings dryers, thermal processing systems, waste water treatment units, and Cuttings Reinjection services to help you recover valuable fluid from your project and reduce waste volumes.

Meet or exceed environmental regulations and reduce operating cost
Unique technologies can help you reduce oil retention-on-cuttings (ROC) or Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) content to levels acceptable for on-site or overboard discharge in many areas. We can identify the right solutions that meet or exceed environmental regulations to help you minimize or eliminate waste transportation costs and liability.


Waste Treatment and Disposal

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Summary Summary Waste Treatment and Disposal Solutions Sales Data Sheet
Baroid Waste Treatment and Disposal Solutions Sales Data Sheet
Summary Summary Filtration Services Sales Data Sheet
Baroid Filtration Services Sales Data Sheet
Summary Summary Baroid Slurry Handling System Provides Cost-Effective Waste Disposal Solution
System enables operator to achieve zero discharge while drilling in environmentally sensitive area
Summary Summary BaraH2O™ Slop Treatment Unit Delivers Cost Reduction and Operational Efficiencies
System delivers significant cost savings and operational efficiencies
Summary Summary Baroid V-133 and Baroid V-71 Cuttings Dryers - Sales Data Sheet
2.4MB The Baroid V-133 Cuttings Dryer has been proven to provide a dramatic reduction in drill solids waste discharge and to help maximize the recovery of synthetic-, oil-, or ester-based drilling fluids.
Summary Summary ENVIRO-FIX™ Solids Stabilization Process - Sales Data Sheet
3.2MB Drilled cuttings and similar materials are often physically unstable and unsuitable for landfill and difficult to transport and contain. If improperly managed, drilled cuttings may expose the operator to environmental liability. In these strictly regulated times, cuttings can only be disposed of once it has been determined that the material poses no threat to the environment.
Summary Summary BaraG-Force™ V133 Vertical Cuttings Dryers save operator over $940,000
BaraG-Force™ V133 Vertical Cuttings Dryers help major operator save over $940,000 in deepwater Gulf of Mexico project
Summary Summary BaraH2O™ Slop Treatment Unit Delivers Cost Reduction and Safer Operations
A major operator in the UK North Sea was generating large volumes of slop fluids, which were sent to shore for processing and disposal. The goal was to reduce the volume of slop fluids and the associated costs.
Summary Summary Thermal Processing Systems - Sales Data Sheet
Baroid Fluid Services offers Range of Thermal Desorption Solutions forOnshore and Offshore Operations: Equipment and Drilling Fluids
Summary Summary Kazakhstan: Baroid Drilling Waste Management Service Helped Operator Net $1.39M in Base Oil Reuse Savings and Ensure Environmental Compliance in Remote Land Operation
An operator’s waste managementstrategy needed revision to help ensure operations continued in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner.
Summary Summary Vacuum-Feed Vertical Cuttings Dryer Simplifies Operations, Saves Costs
BARAG-FORCE™ System saves operator more than USD 25K per well in Shale play
Summary Summary BaraPhase™ TCC and BaraStream™ HCB™ Tanks Eliminate Skip-and-Ship Issues
Baroid Solutions enable operator to finish project six months ahead of schedule
Summary Summary Waste Treatment and Disposal
Environmental concerns have made the effective management of drilling-related waste a priority at wellsites throughout the world.
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