BaraStream™ SV60 Portable Cuttings and Fluid Transfer Unit

Convenient conveyance for small scale fluid transfer
The SupaVac™ SV60 Portable Cuttings and Fluid Transfer Unit simplifies rig cleanup operations. The system alternately loads then discharges a wide range of material, from liquids to heavy slurries to nearly dry cuttings and drilling waste. The SupaVac SV60 pump is automated, fully air-operated and is very easy to maintain; no diesel or electricity is required on the actual unit to power it, making it intrinsically safe and zone 1 certified.

No Hassle clean-up if spills occur
The reliable SupaVac SV60 unit has no moving parts in the tank. It can be wheeled into position on most locations providing flexibility to the operator’s rig location, and easily stored away when not being used. Suction distances of 50 m (165 ft) and discharge distances of 150 m (492ft) can be achieved. The SupaVac SV60 is ideal for cleanup of centrifuge discharge in totes, small solids in tanks or pits and provides easy transfer from one pit to another.

For further flexibility, Halliburton also provides a SupaVac SV60 vertical unit that offers identical specifications and the same benefits in a vertically standing unit, which may be more suitable to the rig space available.

Low power requirement and full portability
For operations not requiring movement of high volumes less power can be utilized. With the low air consumption of 104 cfm the SupaVac SV60 achieves greater efficiency and lowers energy costs. This system provides greater portability than a central vacuum system and allows higher distances to be reached. With the SV60 waste can be directed anywhere on the rig site.

SupaVac™ SV60 Portable Cuttings and Fluid Transfer Unit

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