Halliburton Supplier Net (HSN)

Halliburton Supplier Net (HSN) is a supplier collaboration portal which permits collaboration between Halliburton and suppliers on the following:

Purchase Orders

  • Sending PO’s from Halliburton to the Supplier
  • Making changes/updates to PO’s
  • Issuing Advance Shipping Notifications from the Supplier to Halliburton
  • Submitting paperless invoices

Open/Planned Orders

  • Future demand for the Suppliers products

Design Collaboration

  • Gives Suppliers access to drawings, prints, specifications

Bar-Coding Applications

  • Allow bar-codes to be generated which incorporate PO/Suppler data

Requests for Technical Assistance from Halliburton Engineering/Technology

  • Allow supplier to request assistance with technical aspects from within the PO

Uploading of Electronic Certificates and Other Documents


  • Materials Test Reports
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Certificates of Conformance
  • Test Certificates

Private Communication


  • Private Communication between Supplier and Halliburton

There is no cost to Suppliers to use HSN and interactions between Halliburton and Supplier are in real-time.  No special software or equipment is needed – just a standard computer with a standard internet connection.  Halliburton provides HSN as a facility to streamline interaction with suppliers and provides all of the support for its use.

HSN is not designed for the procurement of services; it is designed for the procurement of materials. For suppliers of materials, especially those who provide to Halliburton Manufacturing locations or have a need for a means of interaction which extends beyond PO’s and invoices, HSN is a good solution.

HSN Onboarding
Suppliers will go through an on-boarding process which takes about 4 weeks. In this time they will receive user-specific passwords, training and access to the required HSN applications. Once on-boarded, all paper transactions should stop and all future interaction between Halliburton and the Supplier will be electronic.

Note that due to country specific tax and regulatory requirements, it is not always possible to enable electronic invoicing.

Suppliers interested in working on HSN should communicate this interest to their Halliburton Procurement contacts or through “Contact Us”.

For additional information on HSN, please refer to our "Supplier Guide".

Supplier Guide

Supplier Guide

The Halliburton Supplier Guide offers information for current suppliers on buying channels and e-commerce solutions.