Optimize viscosity for effective stimulation

Our family of friction reducers effectively reduces friction and provides viscosity, which leads to efficient and successful stimulation treatments.

Whether they provide the viscosity to carry higher proppant concentrations farther into the formation or offer reliable friction reduction in freshwater, our friction reducers deliver outstanding results in dynamic environments.

Improve proppant suspension and transport

FightR® friction reducers effectively reduce friction and provide viscosity, leading to efficient and successful stimulation treatments. They play an important role in fracture operations because they reduce resistance between the fluid, the wellbore, and the fractured formation.

When large volumes of fluid are pumped at high pressures into a wellbore, FightR provides outstanding viscosity performance. Achieve better proppant suspension and transport by reducing the potential for screen-outs and blockages, which may lead to higher operating costs.

Dependable performance for successful stimulation

When stimulation treatments demand more effective clean-up and stimulated volume, or when they use source water with high salinity, our Excelerate® friction reducers deliver performance beyond the limitations of conventional chemistries.

Excelerate friction reducers are custom-designed to optimize stimulation treatment performance in a wide range of complex unconventional and tight gas fracture stimulations. When dealing with complex water quality, Excelerate friction reducers can help minimize the risk of operational failures and extended pumping costs.

Optimized friction reducers tailored to your well

At Halliburton, we understand it’s important that your friction reducer is compatible with other additives and chemicals. By testing various chemistries, operators can evaluate the performance under realistic field conditions. This performance evaluation ensures that the recommended chemistries enable more efficient fluid flow and higher pumping rates.

Stimulation Chemicals

Want to improve fluid flow?

Our portfolio of flow enhancers is designed to improve the permeability of fractures for optimal fluid transmission.

The Transcend™ permeability enhancer improves fluid flow by delivering deeper reservoir penetration, allowing you to stimulate more of the reservoir to maximize the effectiveness of your fracture network and improve ultimate recovery.

Discover Transcend
Transcend flow enhancer
Transcend flow enhancer

Discover Halliburton friction reducers

FightR® friction reducers

FightR® friction reducers

High viscosity friction reducers for unconventional fracture stimulation.

Excelerate® friction reducers

Excelerate® friction reducers

Providing exceptional performance and value for unconventional and tight gas fracture stimulations.


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