Improve the relative permeability of fractures to optimize fluid transmission

After stimulation, a well’s producing matrix will gradually start to diminish. An effective flow enhancer that mobilizes trapped hydrocarbons and prevents emulsions is critical to the production of oil and gas. The Transcend permeability enhancer portfolio offers flow-enhancing technology designed to improve the permeability of fractures for optimal fluid transmission.

Using innovative and industry-proven chemistries, Transcend permeability enhancer expands the reservoir contact area and improves fluid flow to increase recovery factors. Transcend permeability enhancer products help deliver deeper reservoir penetration, thus allowing you to stimulate more of the reservoir to maximize the effectiveness of the created fracture network and improve ultimate recovery.

Transcend Permeability Enhancer

Features and benefits

  • Increases flow through porous media
  • Stimulates flow in reservoir microporosity to alter the properties of fluids and rock
  • Reduces interfacial tension and lowers capillary pressure
  • Prevents stable emulsion formation with our exclusive non-emulsifying formula
  • Demonstrates superior results when bundled with RockPerm® fracturing service
  • Compatible with stimulation fluids and other chemical additives

Expert testing and mixing stimulation chemicals.
Transcend flow enhancer

Deeper penetration of flow-enhancing chemistry


Custom chemistry fracturing designs


Designed for run-of-the-mill challenges


Increases flow through porous media

Deeper penetration to improve fracture connectivity

In complex fracture networks, deeper penetration of flow-enhancing chemistry can help improve fracture connectivity, fluid mobility, and mitigation of high fluid friction and heterogeneity effects.

Complex fracture networks often consist of a multitude of interconnected fractures varying in size. By achieving a deeper penetration of flow-enhancing chemistry, it can effectively connect isolated or poorly connected fractures. Increased connectivity allows for better fluid communication and redistribution within the network, leading to more effective pathways and ultimately improving production.

Additionally, variations in the fracture roughness, aperture, and porous media can hinder fluid flow. Our solutions help reduce the interfacial tension between fluids and rock surfaces, improving the wetting characteristics of the fractures. This leads to a reduction in capillary pressure and resistance to the fluid flow. By achieving a deeper penetration, we can access more area in the network, coating the surfaces and reducing the overall resistance to the flow.

Performance-driven chemistry to to enhance fluid recovery

The Transcend permeability enhancer portfolio is designed to enhance fluid recovery and has been developed using proprietary microemulsion technology. Through our use of proprietary formulations, this line of permeability enhancers delivers:

  • Deeper reservoir penetration by traveling farther into the propagated fracture
  • Emulsion prevention via performance-proven non-emulsifiers that help stabilize the separation of emulsions in oil and gas production
  • Increased flow through porous media to improve recovery factors
  • Reduced interfacial tension and lower capillary pressure, enabling improved recovery
  • A tiered offering to facilitate customization delivering innovative, non-ionic formulations to help reduce the interfacial tension between oil and water with a wide array of stimulation fluids and other chemical additives

Identify the best additives to optimize well performance

By complimenting Transcend permeability enhancers with the RockPerm fracturing service, Halliburton technology teams can further optimize chemistries and concentrations based on specific well parameters. 

The RockPerm service is a stimulation additive selection process that integrates specialized laboratory testing and chemical evaluation to identify the best additives to optimize well performance. This proprietary testing methodology consists of a series of techniques, utilizing formation-specific fluids and cuttings that include: 

  • Column flow testing 
  • Emulsion screening and behavior
  • Formation oil/fracturing fluid system compatibility 

The RockPerm service helps determine the ideal Transcend chemistry for specific reservoir parameters. We provide customized recommendations to prevent overtreatment, which in turn effectively minimizes costs and enhances recovery factors. 


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