Gate Valve Drilling

Regain full access to inoperative valves that threaten well integrity

The newly engineered pneumatic Gate Valve Drilling unit is specially designed to drill or enlarge gate valves or ball valves that have become inoperative and threaten well integrity.

Gate Valve Drilling Features:

Gate Valve Drilling

  • Enables well intervention with coiled tubing or wireline
  • Choke and kill spools in every rig-up enables immediate kill or well bleed-off
  • Unit is pressure rated to 15,000 psi
  • Capable of drilling, milling or cutting valves that are fully or partially closed
  • Engineered for extended stroke capabilities that allow for drilling through multiple valves simultaneously
  • Capable of drilling a wide variety of valves with different trims and special coatings
  • Capable of drilling out 2-way check valves and back pressure valves

Gate Valve Drilling Benefits:

  • Restores wellbore integrity
  • Small footprint, highly mobile
  • Adaptable to both offshore and onshore applications
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic driven
  • Operates in live-well conditions in temperatures ranging from 0 to 250°F, in H2S and harsh environments
  • Units staged worldwide for rapid deployment

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