SuperFill™ Auto-Fill Equipment

Stop mud losses and reduce the risk of surge pressure

Halliburton’s SuperFill™ auto-fill equipment provides a reliable way for wellbore fluid to enter the casing or liner ID while casing is being run into the hole. The equipment can be used in a number of applications, including:

  • Conventional full-bore casing
  • Near the bottom of a tieback casing string (run above the tieback stinger)
  • Subsea completions
  • When a liner is run and cemented in the wellbore

The SuperFill AFE assembly consists of an outer case or collar with holes that enable wellbore fluids to freely pass, thus reducing surge pressures. An internal sliding sleeve made from steel or other drillable material is held in position to ensure that the ports in the collar remain open. After the casing string has been run into the hole, the sliding sleeve can be shifted and locked to cover ports in the outer collar.

Under normal circumstances, pressure is easily controlled with conventional floating and guiding equipment fitted with special valves to enable wellbore fluid to enter the casing. Controlling these pressures becomes more challenging in liners or subsea completions where casing is run into the hole on the end of a drillpipe. In these operations, the restricted ID of drillpipe can increase surge pressures on the formation even though AFE collars enbable wellbore fluid to enter the casing.

Halliburton has the answer: a SuperFill diverter that allows wellbore fluid to enter the casing through the AFE collar and exit through the diverter mechanism. The SuperFill diverter is typically installed below the drillpipe and just above the top of the liner.

In addition to reducing mud losses, the SuperFill AFE assembly provides the circulation needed for RIH operations. Because the SuperFill AFE is deactivated by pressure rather than flow, operators can use full-bore casing and cementing plugs to shift internal components. Relying on pressure rather than flow for deactivation helps assure that the SuperFill AFE mechanism does not prematurely close during RIH operations.

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SuperFill™ Auto-Fill Equipment

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