Reduce drag and achieve optimal standoff

Achieving optimal standoff is essential to create the best possible barrier, and proper centralization during cementing is critical to operational success. The Halliburton centralizer portfolio consists of design and material options that can satisfy requirements for a range of wellbore applications.

  • Slim hole
  • Deviated 
  • Extended-reach
  • Vertical
  • Casing rotation
  • Cased and open hole
  • Onshore 
  • Offshore

iCem® Service monitors critical cementing variables before the job

Centralization selection and placement can be predicted and analyzed using the Halliburton cementing design tool, iCem® cementing service. iCem service 3D displacement simulator is the industry’s only simulator that measures cement locations in a fully 3D wellbore environment. The centralization optimizer within iCem service models and illustrates casing standoff at each centralizer and at the midpoint between centralizers. Friction reducing resin-based centralizers can also be modeled.

Furthermore, it determines fluid concentration by volume over time and at multiple depths. The resultant data at the end of the operation is comparable to actual cement bond log (CBL) results. Thus, the 3D displacement model analysis also indicates the potential for a channel to occur at any depth range and which centralizer type/profile is best suited for optimum displacement efficiency and hence wellbore integrity.

Explore Halliburton Centralizers

Protech™ II Centralizers

Protech™ II Centralizers

Protech™ II centralizers reduce friction, enhance flow area, and keep positive standoff.

RED-X™ Centralizers

RED-X™ Centralizers

RED-X™ single-piece centralizers outperform competing designs with higher run speeds and greater efficiency gains in multiple well types.


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