Splice Sub

Facilitate Flatpack Repairs or Lengthening

Halliburton's Splice Sub Connector is a reliable and field-proven method of splicing two ends of flatpack, thereby facilitating repairs or lengthening the flatpack. The Splice Sub Connector also helps protect the flatpack by securing it to the tubing.

The Splice Sub Connector is used in all SmartWell® completions where flatpack is deployed, including wells with chemical injection, fiber optic and surface-controlled subsurface valve (SCSSV) control lines.


  • Splice multiple lines within a single Splice Sub Connector, depending on size
  • Freely bypass at least one bare control line/I-wire
  • Easily assemble in the field


  • Fully compatible with standard Halliburton FMJ metal-to-metal sealing fittings
  • FMJ Connectors fitted to the splice sub are fully testable, using a standard FMJ Connector test kit
  • All splice connections are set within the body of the sub for protection