Corrosion Inhibitors

Multi-Chem offers a variety of corrosion inhibitors, such as water- or oil-soluble, high-shear, high-temperature, and pressure-stable. Multi-Chem also certifies corrosion inhibitors for umbilical use. In addition to providing corrosion-protection products, we will evaluate fluid properties and field conditions to customize a corrosion-treatment program specific to your needs, so your asset can continue to work at peak efficiency year after year.


  • Mitigate corrosion in wellbores, flowlines, transmission lines, gathering lines, and pipelines of oil and gas systems to preserve integrity for years;
  • Mitigate pitting corrosion, costly corrosion failures and down time;
  • Lower dosage rates require smaller pumps and infrastructure to deliver; and
  • Combination products to minimize CAPEX costs associated with application.   


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Summary Summary Deep Water Application
In offshore production, learn where complications can arise in your production system and how Multi-Chem can address your issues – substantially increasing the producing life of the well.
Summary Summary Mature Fields Application
See where problems can arise in your production system and how Multi-Chem can bring you an innovative suite of customized solutions that can help reduce your operating costs.
Summary Summary Sulfide Stress Cracking - Practical Application to the Oil and Gas Industry
The phenomenon of sulfide stress cracking (SSC) can result in catastrophic failures of pressurized equipment and piping, resulting in extensive damage, injuries and possible fatalities. This paper concentrates on, and identifies, the requirements for SSC to occur and gives designers and operators practical options for the prevention of SSC in equipment operating in an aqueous H2S environment.
Summary Summary Water Technology: Understanding, Interpreting and Utilizing Water Analysis Data
The significance and importance of water to the oil and gas industry cannot be overstated. While water is often an unwanted by-product of production, water is utilized in many production scenarios and is often times the primary driver for the production of oil. This paper discusses the importance of an accurate water analysis and will discuss the practical uses of this information.
Summary Summary Corrosion Protection Solutions
Halliburton’s customized corrosion protection solutions from Multi-Chem provide one of the most economical ways to maintain oil and gas production at peak efficiency.
Summary Summary Corrosion Monitoring Tools Prove Effectiveness of Chemical Application via Slip-Stream
A Canadian customer was experiencing multiple downhole corrosion failures in their field, and was concerned with the loss of production due to downtime and the cost of repairing these failures, which averaged $10,000 to $15,000 per well.
Summary Summary MultiSweet® Scavenger Treatment for H2S in Sales Oil Keeps Rail Cars Moving
A large midstream energy company in Northeast Canada region was having problems with high H2S levels at its oil terminals, where some 240 rail cars are loaded daily with sales crude that has levels of H2S varying from 5 to 80 ppm in the liquid phase.
Summary Summary Multi-Chem Customizes Long-Term Corrosion Mitigation in High H2S Gathering System
This Canadian producer operates a gathering system that produces and transports various volumes of gas, condensate and water from a field where the challenging terrain and quality of production causes both major pipeline corrosion problems and emulsion issues at the gas treatment plant.
Summary Summary Multi-Chem Delivers Superior Local Service with MultiSweet® H2S Scavenging and NGL Conditioning
H2S levels rose as high as 450 ppm and the operator was unable to sell the gas to the pipeline company, which has a stringent spec limit of up to 4 ppm of H2S in the gas stream.
Summary Summary Corrosion-Issues
Due to the variety of acids, pH and metals in produced fluids, every oil and gas field in the world has the potential for corrosion. Corrosion may occur where water and gas are present, and can lead to production challenges.
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