Asphaltene Inhibitors

Asphaltene molecules are present in most liquid oil and gas streams, and can easily be destabilized by a variety of inherent production scenarios. Once destabilized, they may precipitate and partition to the oil/water interface, or adhere to the surfaces of piping and equipment. These reactions can cause production losses with blocked pipelines, reduced production flow, difficulty in vessel level control, and reduced system efficiency.

Multi-Chem has a wide selection of asphaltene inhibitors, dispersants and specialty chemical solutions to treat asphaltene stability related issues. These solutions provide a customized chemical application process that will help mitigate the risks related to the production of unstable asphaltenic crude. Multi-Chem’s tailored specialty chemicals will maximize the uptime and keep operations running as smoothly as possible.


  • Reduce the precipitation of asphaltenes from crude oil;
  • Maximize production potential by preventing deposition/restriction in flowlines and tubulars;
  • Preserve asset integrity and reliability of subsea wells and flowlines; and
  • Optimize performance of surface treating operations, maintaining throughput and minimizing down time.