Exploration and Basin Screening

Whether in conventional oil and gas plays or unconventional plays, such as shale and tight gas, the Halliburton Reservoir Characterization team specializes in identifying prospects and assessing hydrocarbon potential. Halliburton Consulting offers you years of industry experience paired with a variety of proprietary workflows to develop integrated solutions to assist  in basin analyses, petroleum systems modeling, play and fairway identification, seismic analyses, and exploratory asset  evaluation. Our consultants are also active in assessing potential storage sites for carbon dioxide.

  • Basin Analysis – When entering a new region or area for exploration, one of the most daunting tasks can be to determine where to begin focusing your efforts. A high-level basin analysis can help to identify play fairways as well as surface and subsurface hazards, which are useful in targeting potential areas for investment.
  • Petroleum System Modeling – A thorough understanding of a basin’s petroleum system is an invaluable piece of information. Using cutting-edge geochemical techniques our consultants can track the flow history of a field’s oil. By investigating depositional environments, burial history, thermal maturity and migration paths, a petroleum system model can help you understand how much, and what type of hydrocarbon is contained in the reservoir.
  • Geophysical Reservoir Characterization – The preparation and analysis of seismic data is a crucial part of the exploration process. By examining and comparing calibrated seismic responses at well locations to those found away from the wells, rock property and fluid characteristics can be determined throughout a field. Additional attributes and rock properties are identified and tied back to existing well logs through seismic inversion and multi-linear analysis. 
  • Prospect Appraisal – Prospect appraisal is a multi-disciplinary effort involving geologists, geochemists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, and economists. By looking at all aspects of a field’s producibility and logistical potential it is possible to estimate the economic viability of a prospect much more accurately. Working within an integrated prospect appraisal team Halliburton consultants can build the most accurate and comprehensive appraisals possible.