Horizontal Gravel Pack Systems

HZGP™ Pressure Maintenance System

Horizontal gravel packs have become a popular method of completing horizontal wells to stabilize long openhole completions, especially in formations with large amounts of fines.

STGP&T™ Single-Trip Gravel Pack and Treat System

The Single-Trip Gravel Pack and Treat system is a horizontal openhole gravel packing system that saves the extra trip needed to treat the formation.

ZonePac™ System

This system enables gravel packing in challenging enviornments through alternate path technology and multiple isolation packers, helping create the necessary compartmentalization for effective zonal isolation.

ROC™ Reverse-Out Check Tool

The Halliburton ROC™ Reverse-Out Check tool is attached to the lower end of the multi-position tool and can be used in most gravel packing systems.

Annular Packoff Tool

The annular packoff (AP) tool provides a modular system which can be run in conjunction with a standard openhole gravel pack assembly and which effectively isolates the rathole section between the end of the liner / casing shoe and the start of the openhole section.

HZGP System with Upstream/Downstream Differential (UDD) Valves

The Halliburton UDD valve is used in horizontal openhole completions to reduce the flowing friction pressure of the gravel pack as the beta wave begins to restrict to flow in the annulus.

Single-Trip Multizone (STMZ™) Completion Systems

Halliburton is a leader in multizone systems that enable the isolation and gravel packing of all zones that require gravel pack for sand control in fewer trips.

Rigless FracPac™ System/High Rate Water Pack

This system allows an operator to control sand production across a lower zone via a gravel pack or FracPac™ system and at the same time helps ensure that the completion assembly above the lower zone is optimized for a future through-tubing pack on an upper zone.

Horizontal Gravel Pack Systems

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