ESTMZ™ Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone Completion System


Designed for use in deepwater and ultra-deepwater offshore completions, the ESTMZ™ system enables several intervals within a well to be isolated and treated with a high-rate frac pack during a single trip of the workstring.


  • Full 10,000 psi differential pressure rating
  • Highest rated frac and proppant rating in the industry
  • Largest system ID in the industry
  • Modular screen provides formation isolation
  • Capture short, low reserve intervals that would normally be bypassed
  • Accommodates SmartWell® system completions

The Deepwater Completion Solution Example
Halliburton's ESTMZ™ system has the potential to save up to 42 days of rig time on a five zone (1,400 foot producing interval) Lower Tertiary completion.  Based on a $1 MM spread rate that is a $42 MM savings!

ESTMZ™ Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone Completion System

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Summary Summary Complex Subsea ESTMZ™ System and Intelligent Completion Technology Saves Customer Major Setbacks
The reservoir had gas accumulation over 1,200 feet in eight separate zones; however, only six zones were commercially viable. Initial data suggested that 40% of the gas resources were located in one zone, while another zone had a high risk of early water breakthrough.
Summary Summary ESTMZ (Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone) System
ESTMZ - Frac pack multiple zones in fewer trips with complete formation isolation.
Summary Summary Xtreme Single-Trip Multizone (XSTMZ™) System
Efficiently and reliably stimulate and gravel pack long pay zones in extreme conditions
Summary Summary How Chevron saved an average of 18 days per well on three deepwater GoM wells
New Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone (ESTMZ™) completion system sets industry records and improves economics of ultra-deepwater development.
Summary Summary TOTAL Exploration and Production Indonesia breaks the record with the shortest ESTMZ™ system installation time
After months of working with TOTAL E&P Indonesie’s reservoir, business development, and management teams, Halliburton personnel were able to prove the value and benefit – and low risk –the ESTMZ™ system can provide their well.
Summary Summary Halliburton Sets Industry Record for Jack/St. Malo Project
ESTMZ system sets industry record for Jack/St. Malo project in GoM.
Summary Summary ESTMZ System Sets Industry Records
ESTMZ system sets industry records in GoM Jack/St. Malo project.
Summary Summary ESTMZ (Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone) System
Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone (ESTMZ™) FracPac™ system is a downhole tool system that allows the stimulation and gravel packing of multiple zones in a single trip of the workstring into the wellbore.
Summary Summary Project Review Jack-St Malo - As Seen in Upstream Technology April 2015
ESTMZ system enhances recovery for Chevron in the notoriously difficult Lower Tertiary.
Summary Summary Keeping sand at bay - Drilling Contractor March 2014
Industry looks to new materials, integrated and intelligent solutions for deeper multizone completions
Summary Summary Jack/St. Malo Expanding Chevron's Reach in the deepwater U.S. Gulf of Mexico
Oil and Gas Journal Article featuring the Halliburton ESTMZ system
Summary Summary Single-Trip Multizone Cased-Hole Frac Packs and Intelligent Completions Improve Recovery in Subsea Gas Field
Advanced Completion solution enables wells to remain fully functional after five years of production.
Summary Summary ESTMZ™ Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone Completion System
ESTMZ™ Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone system enables isolation and treatment of several intervals during a single trip of the workstring.
Summary Summary Multizone Sand Control Systems
Multizone sand control completion systems are proven to save valuable rig time. Halliburton has a long, successful history with single-trip multizone sand control systems.