BMS-100 Batch Mixer Skid

The mixing system for the BMS-100 Batch Mixer skid includes two 50 bbl (5.96 m³), 92 inch (2.34 m) x 84 inch (2.13 m) rectangular profile vertical mixing tanks each with four 24 in. (0.61 m) blade diameter, hydraulically driven agitators.

The batch tank agitators and the centrifugal pumps are hydraulically driven by the auxiliary engine. Air to oil heat exchanger is also powered by a hydraulic motor.

The engine for the BMS-100 Batch Mixer is a Caterpillar 3126B electronic wet exhaust engine, 275 Bhp (205 KW). Engine shall always be air started. Engine includes air compressor and air reservoir. Unit includes an integrally mounted 40 gallon fuel tank and includes spark arrestor and stainless steel exhaust manifold. Diesel engine option is rated for safe area. No option is available for a Zone 2 diesel engine package.

The centrifugal pump is a Halliburton 6 x 5 x 11 x 10 centrifugal pump for recirculation and boosting.

The lifting frame includes integral lift and protective frame with permanently attached stainless steel drip pan. Handrails are included above the lift frame to address fall protection. Handrails can be folded to the outside to allow for lower overall height during shipping.

Length 22 ft, 6 in. (6.86 m)
Width 8 ft, 6 in. (2.59 m)
Height (Shipping) 10 ft, 2 in. (3.1 m)
Height (Operating) 11 ft, 8-1/2 in. (3.57 m)
Weights (empty and estimated)  
BMS-100D with 2 Centrifugal Pumps 26,900 lbs (12,202 kg)
BMS-100D with 1 Centrifugal Pump 24 24,700 lbs (11,204 kg)

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  • Continuous Metering System (CMS) Proportioning System (Horizontal & Vertical)
  • Accurately provides continuous delivery of the liquid additive to the mixing water at a rate proportional to the mixing rate.

BMS-100 Batch Mixer Skid

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