SEM-8™ Emulsifier

Because SEM-8™ emulsifier acts as a degreaser, it promotes cement bonding, as well as helping to assure rheological compatibility between the wash/spacer and either oil-based (OBM) or synthetic-based (SBM) muds. That makes it ideal for use in chemical washes and spacers that come into contact with the OBM/SBM.

SEM-8 emulsifier is the only surfactant required with many muds to achieve a water-wet condition when tested with an apparent-wettability apparatus. It can be combined with other surfactants to provide highly effective results. One particularly useful combination includes SEM-8 emulsifer, Dual Spacer™ Surfactant B and Dual Spacer™ Surfactant A.

SEM-8â„¢ Emulsifier

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