Morflo® III Surfactant

Morflo® III surfactant is a versatile blend of anionic and nonionic materials. It can be used to treat both sandstone and carbonate formations.

Morflo III surfactant is used at concentrations of 3% by volume in MCA and at 1% in Mud Flush. If it is used as a nonemulsifier for acid solutions or fracturing fluids, Morflo® III surfactant can be used at a concentration of 0.1% to 1.0%.

Since Morflo  III is an anionic-nonionic blend, it is compatible with other anionic-nonionic blends, such as Hyflo® IV M surfactant, AS-5™ agent, CRA™ 78M acid retarder, Howco-Suds™ foaming agent, FR-26LC™ friction reducer, and LP-55™ scale inhibitor. It is also compatible with nonionics, such as Pen-5M™ foaming agent, Pen-88M™ surfactant, Losurf-259™ non-emulsifier, Losurf-300™ surfactant, Musol® A solvent, Parasperse® paraffin cleaner, and Superflo III™ surfactant. Morflo III surfactant is not completely compatible with cationic compounds, such as 17N™ additive, 19N™ additive, all of the corrosion inhibitors, FR- 28LC™ friction reducer, and HC-2™ surface-active suspending agent, which is an amphoteric that is cationic in acid solutions.

Morflo® III Surfactant

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Summary Summary Morflo® III Surfactant
A versatile blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants that can be used to treat both sandstone and carbonate formations, performs exceptionally well at de-oiling and aids with the dispersion of solids from water-based drilling fluids
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