Halad®-413 Fluid-Loss Additive

A synthetic polymer that helps control filtrate loss in all cement conditions

Halad-413 additive exhibits minor retardation propertiesat low temperatures, yet it is effective at temperatures higher than 400°F (204°C). Halad-413 additive can help control fluid losses in seawater slurries, salt-saturated slurries, and slurries containing 5% KCl or 2% CaCl2

Depending on the slurry design, Halad-413 additive usually acts as a mild dispersant and cement retarder.Consequently, slurry rheology is lowered, and free-water values are increased, helping eliminate the need for friction reducers.

Because Halad-413 additive is a nonviscosifying product, it can allow slurries containing strongly dispersed retarders to become overdispersed. Conventional fluidloss additives that impart viscosity can sometimes be added to the slurry to help prevent this problem.

Halad-413 additive is available as a powder or a 25%solution (Halad-413L additive). Both forms of this additive are classified as nonhazardous by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In addition, Halad-413 additive can provide the following benefits:

  • Help reduce horsepower requirements by controlling fluid viscosities and circulating pressures.
  • Help maintain slurry density.
  • Help control gas migration.
  • Help improve squeeze cementing results.
  • Help protect water sensitive formations.
  • Help secure a better cement/casing bond.
Halad-413 Product Specifications
Part No. 516.00512 Bulk Density 42.00 lb/ft3
Form Solid, brown/black powder Packaging 50 lb. bag
Specific Gravity 1.480 pH  7.5


Halad-413 Product Specifications
Part No. 516-00575/516.00576 Bulk Density 9.26 lb/gal
Form Black Liquid Pour Point 30°F (1°C)
Specific Gravity 1.11 pH 6.3


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Halad®-413 Fluid-Loss Additive

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