Enhancer 923™ Agent

Enhancer 923 Cement Agent
When you know the code, the secret to
enhanced wellbore integrity is revealed.

Enhancer 923™ cement agent enables lightweight slurries to achieve early compressive strength compliant with regulatory authorities, benefiting all wells.  The use of Enhancer 923 agent helps address common formation-interaction problems such as fluid loss to the formation during cementing operations or fluid influx from the formation once pumping has stopped and before the cement has set.  The free-water control provided by Enhancer 923 agent helps avoid possible communication in the annulus, particularly the high side of highly-deviated and/or horizontal wellbores.  Plus, it supports adjustments in the field of densities for lead and tail cement from a single bulk blend.  Thus, with a single, variable-density slurry, the cost of a multiple-stage tool for two-stage cementing can be eliminated.  And, Enhancer 923 agent helps decrease the need for remediation due to cement fallback that can occur after top of cement is achieved (cement fall back is caused by slurry loss to weak formations or depleted zones shortening the height of annular cement).

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When blended into a specifically designed Halliburton cement system, Enhancer 923™ agent provides the benefits of a lightweight cement that delivers early compressive strength development due to the unique ability to catalyze crystalline growth during curing.  Additionally, it has the mechanical ability to sequester or lock away water in a manner that reduces API fluid loss while enhancing free water control. Together these characteristics help overcome annular gas migration while enhancing wellbore stability and cement bonding to both formation and casing.

During placement, by reducing fluid loss, Enhancer 923 agent helps prevent slurry-bridging across thief zones and avoids filtrate loss to the producing zones or fresh water aquifers while maintaining constant hydrostatic pressure on the formation thus helping prevent microannuli and channels from forming once cement is placed.  Greater free water control helps eliminate the possible communication along the high side of horizontal wellbores, across salt zones, or in highly deviated wells, areas where free water tends to migrate with conventional cement slurries. 

Enhancer 923 agent increases fluid stability, helping mitigate solids settling, especially important for avoiding stuck tubulars when cementing liners and/or setting cement plugs.  It enables lower rheologies during pumping as compared to conventional slurries for enhanced displacement efficiency by enabling higher placement pumping rates while reducing frictional pressures and ECD (equivalent circulating density). 

Enhancer 923™ Agent

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