Pol-E-Flake Lost Circulation Additive

Pol-E-Flake™ additive is an inert lost circulation product that can be used in any common drilling fluid or cement system. It consists of polyester film (non-cellophane) sized to 3/8 in.  Pol-E-Flake additive should be added slowly through the bulk plant hopper or vacuum line to help prevent conglomeration of the material and therefore assure a more uniform mixture of the additive in the cement blend. Care may also be necessary when blending the dry material into the mixing tub. It may be necessary to slow the addition rate to ensure uniform dispersion.

Pol-E-Flake additive has the following benefits:

  • Can produce a maximum mat sealing at the face of the wellbore loss zone
  • May safely be used in combination with other lost circulation products
  • No clumping or stickiness at neutral pH or high pH

Pol-E-Flake Lost Circulation Additive

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Summary Summary Pol-E-Flake Lost Circulation Additive
An inert lost circulation product consisting of polyester film sized to 3/8'.
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