LiquiLite™ Cement Additive

The LiquiLite™ lightweight cement additive is designed to enable efficient delivery of Tuned® Light™ cement in offshore and remote locations by eliminating bulk blending logistics and allowing slurry density tailoring on location.

Simplify bulk logistics
Specialty bulk blends pose significant challenges to remote and offshore operations since many offshore rigs and vessels are typically restricted to two or three cement silos. LiquiLite™ cement additive can be mixed with the slurry on site to help eliminate the need for bulk blending and save valuable silo space.

Adjust slurry density on location
LiquiLite™ cement additive enables the ability to tailor the cement slurry density without changing the cement dry blend. This helps reduce operational complexity and minimizes the need for specialized contingency blends.

Reduce operational costs
Tailored lightweight blends allow operators to properly maintain slurry stability in projects with low ECD requirements and can help reduce operational costs by lowering the risk of remedial work.

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