Hi-Dense® No. 4 Weighting Agent

Improve displacement and control pressure and thinningn

Hi-Dense® No. 4 weight agent uses non-radioactive and non-magnetic hematite material to produce four distinct benefits. Operators rely on the weight agent to help control high formation pressures, increase slurry densities, improve mud displacement, and reduce thermal-thinning effects.

Hi-Dense No. 4 weight agent has only a slight effect on thickening time and does not significantly reduce the compressive strength of set cement. The additive is also effective at preventing thermal thinning at high temperatures.

Hi-Dense agents are classified according to mesh size, and no more than 90% of Hi-Dense No. 4 agent will be smaller than 325-mesh (45 mm).

Our No. 4 hematite-ore additives can be mixed to form 26-lb/gal slurries with an effective specific gravity of 3.15. Fluidized Hi-Dense No. 4 agent requires 2.4 gal of water per 100 lbs of agent, resulting in a slurry weight of 25 lb/gal with a specific gravity of 3.0.

Hi-Dense No. 4 weighting agent - Product Specifications
Part No. 516.0601 Bulk Density 175 lb/ft3
Form Reddish-brown to
reddish-grey powder
Packaging 100-lb lb. bag
Specific Gravity 5.020


Hi-Dense® No.4 Weighting Agent

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