Obex™ Annular Casing Packer

The Obex™ annular casing packer is designed to be set inside cased holes to provide a high-pressure, gas-tight, casing-to-casing seal. This seal helps mitigate annular gas migration and/or supports the hydrostatic weight of annular well fluids above the Obex annular casing packer in wells with weak formation zones.

 The Obex annular casing packer is a plug-operated and mechanically-set packer designed for casing-to-casing applications. The Obex annular casing packer can be used as a standalone packer, or coupled with an ES II™ HD stage cementer for multiple-stage cementing operations.

The Obex annular casing packer is designed to be used in the following casing-to-casing applications:

  • Help protect weak formations from damage due to hydrostatic pressure fluids. The packer is set at strategic intervals to shorten the fluid column and thus alleviate pressure.
  • As a secondary barrier for compliance with regulatory authorities requiring multiple annular barriers as part of the overall wellbore architecture design.
  • Can be used as a primary barrier for non-cemented applications
  • Immediately below a multiple-stage cementing tool in the casing string to assist with multiple-stage cementing operations.


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