ESP Motors

Reliable power in high temperature, sandy, gassy, corrosive, and deviated environments

Summit ESP® motors for electric submersible pump (ESP) systems deliver longer run times with greater reliability through a wide production range by actively resisting temperature and deformation in the harshest conditions.

Temperature management through heat transfer and resistance

  • Bearings with thicker profile reduce heat-generating vibration and increase heat transfer
  • Stator windings insulated with polyimide and PEEK with patent-pending heat protection
  • Rotors reduce friction and heat, eliminating the need for motor bearings in recessed areas

Low voltage consumption for more efficient operation

  • Shaped rotor bars use more copper for less current waste
  • Stator slot and bar design improve power density with better starting torque
Corsair™ Motors
Corsair™ motors deliver the highest level of performance in the harshest downhole environments. Designed for extreme heat, pressure and abrasion, Corsair motors surpass industry standards in construction and performance.

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Technology Training

Summit ESP® offers progressive technology training for complete electric submersible pump (ESP) system understanding – for both those new to ESP systems and those who seek to improve their operational and troubleshooting skills. 

Well Surveillance & Monitoring

Summit ESP® provides real-time well surveillance and monitoring to bring a greater level of oversight of your well's production potential during every part of the electric submersible pump (ESP) run cycle.

Reliability Engineering

Summit ESP® engineers provide continuous improvement, quality commitment, and reliability engineering to help extend the run life of electric submersible pumps.