Why choose Landmark

Increase Production by up to 4-10%

Realize full production potential, making asset performance visible and transparent across the value-chain, and enabling decisions for sustained production optimization.

Reduce OPEX and risks by up to 20%

Balance near-and long-term objectives, understanding and predicting performance and events in real time to reduce uncertainty.

Effective collaboration

Real time insights through orchestration of key engineering and operations workflows for closed-or open loop execution.

Geosciences Suite

Reduce your subsurface uncertainty

Geosciences Suite

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What to expect

Real-time production optimization

Industry proven combination of artificial intelligence technology, robust cross-domain models, and real time data for asset wide optimization.

Automated insights through workflow automation

Evergreen and representative models are enabled by the enrichment and contextualization of multiple data sources, the integration of third-party applications into automated workflows, and advanced tools for optimization, uncertainty, and stochastics.

Carbon aware production planning and optimization

Integration of production decisions and carbon intensity indicators calculated by Envana™ Catalyst, based on multiple scenarios and operational conditions.


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