Decisive well placement

The StrataStar® Deep Azimuthal Resistivity service provides multilayer mapping for precise well placement in the most productive zones of the reservoir. Built on multiple innovations for greater performance, StrataStar improves real-time fluid characterization by providing accurate resistivity and anisotropy. With an increased amount of information collected, wide volume investigated, and faster data interpretation, wells are precisely placed where they benefit operators most.


StrataStar Service

High-fidelity picture

The StrataStar deep azimuthal resistivity service delivers high-fidelity pictures of the reservoir with superior depth of investigation and a comprehensive understanding of resistivity, including anisotropy.

Learn about StrataStar Service

Learn about StrataStar Service

Stay within thin layer boundaries

The StrataStar service makes deep azimuthal measurements up to 30-feet around the wellbore. A sophisticated processing algorithm inverts the data and maps the positions, thicknesses, and resistivities of interbedded rock and fluid layers. Real-time visualization of the surrounding geology and fluids provides key information required to precisely place the well and maximize reservoir contact.

StrataStar® Service
StrataStar® Service

Explore the benefits

Explore the benefits

Better reservoir characterization with real-time anisotropy

The StrataStar service provides shallower multi-frequency measurements over four spacings to deliver a comprehensive understanding of resistivity across the widest range of fluids and rocks. Real-time access to anisotropy in a relatively undisturbed environment drives a more accurate calculation of the water saturation, further supporting advanced petrophysical analysis of the reservoir.

Embodies innovation

Encompasses the robust, compact design of the iStar™ intelligent drilling and logging platform and combines a novel crossed-transmitter antenna design that enables the computation of anisotropy in real time with a suite of advanced inversion techniques.


  • Adjust the well path to maintain desired distance from multiple bed boundaries
  • Detect water zones at distance and avoid penetration
  • Map formation structures and fluid distributions
  • Acquire accurate formation resistivity for detailed formation and fluid characterization
  • Obtain anisotropy for improved reserve evaluation
  • React earlier to unforeseen geological changes and stay within the productive zone


  • Visualizes reservoir structure 30 ft (±9 m) above and below the well
  • Provides phase shift and attenuation compensated resistivity from four spacings at two frequencies
  • Acquires high-resolution azimuthal resistivity images
  • Calculates Rv, Rh, and relative dip at any hole angle

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iStar® Intelligent Drilling and Logging Platform

iStar® Intelligent Drilling and Logging Platform

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