Enhance wellbore placement and reservoir understanding with high-quality gamma ray images

The Radian® Azimuthal Gamma Ray and Inclination Service provides continuous inclination measurements and real-time high-quality gamma ray images enabling better geosteering decisions, accurate well placement to maximize the value of unconventional reservoirs.

The Radian service utilizes four highly sensitive gamma ray detectors arranged evenly around the circumference of the tool to generate real-time azimuthal images, whether rotating or not, and provide more details of the reservoir structure. The inclinometer package continuously monitors the orientation of the well and helps minimize wellbore tortuosity and increase positional certainty. 

Suits a variety of applications

The Radian Azimuthal Gamma Ray and Inclination service can be run stand-alone, or positioned anywhere in the bottom-hole assembly in combination with any Sperry Drilling M/LWD and directional drilling service.



  • High detector sensitivity providing clear images and precise bulk gamma-ray measurements
  • Survey-quality continuous inclination measurements
  • Compact, modular design compatible with Sperry Drilling M/LWD and directional drilling systems and telemetry types 
  • SOLAR® rating is available for operation up to 347°F (175°C) and 20,000 psi (138 MPa)

Drill to produce

  • Place wells accurately and maximize reservoir contact with a clear view of the surrounding geology when rotating or sliding
  • Reduce uncertainty and optimize well placement by distinguishing between formation layers with low gamma ray contrast

Enhance reservoir understanding

  •  Increase well production by knowing the reservoir’s characteristics and structure 

Reduce well time

  •  Decrease wellbore tortuosity by obtaining immediate inclination measurements, making it easier to run casing and completion


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