High resolution borehole images while drilling 

The AFR™ Azimuthal Focused Resistivity Service delivers high resolution logging-while-drilling (LWD) borehole images for improved reserves estimates and enhanced understanding of the reservoir structure. Omni-directional and azimuthal laterolog-type resistivity measurements provide quantitative resistivity in environments where the ratio of formation resistivity to mud resistivity (Rt/Rm) is high. At-bit resistivity measurements enable precise geo-stopping at desired casing or coring points.

 The AFR service is developed for use in electrically conductive muds, and complements propagation-type resistivity services.

Geological understanding and accurate well placement

The high resolution, detailed images of structural and stratigraphic features allow for accurate determination of dip and fracture orientation. Understanding dip from real-time images helps improve wellbore placement in the reservoir. 

In thinly laminated reservoirs, the AFR service delivers the fine vertical resolution necessary to make accurate net-pay calculations, and determine the direction of breakout for wellbore stability and stress analysis reducing drilling risks.

Drill to produce

  • Make geosteering decisions confidently with real-time borehole images for precise wellbore placement
  • Stop precisely at desired casing or coring points, using the at-bit resistivity measurements

Enhance reservoir understanding

  •  Gain geological insight with high resolution images, illuminating fractures and thin beds
  • Acquire resistivity logs in high Rt/Rm environments
  • Improve interpretation with accurate resistivity values in high resistivity formations

Reduce well time

  •  Determine direction of breakout for wellbore stability and stress 


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