Highly Effective Acrolein-Based H2S Scavenger and Iron Sulfide Dissolver Outperforms Conventional Solutions

Providing highly effective removal of iron sulfide in production and injection wells, and repairing near-wellbore damage caused by iron sulfide deposits and previous acid-jobs. It is also effective in removing iron sulfide-based deposits on pipelines or tubular surfaces, exposing the surface area for an effective corrosion-inhibitor application. 


  • Water- and oil-soluble
  • Scavenges H2S and iron sulfide
  • Low adverse environmental impact due to rapid degradation
  • Quick reaction with H2S eliminates odors and related safety hazards
  • Help eliminate and reduce costs associated with H2S such as fines, sales-price penalities, and shut downs to yield higher revenues


  • Helps reduce operational and capital expenses caused by H2S and iron sulfide issues
  • Remediates near-wellbore damage caused by iron sulfide deposits in both production and injection wells 
  • Eliminates iron sulfide-stabilized oil-water interface pads in separators and tanks
  • Improves injectivity by solubilizing iron sulfide solids in fluids and the reservoir

The highly reactive dissolver works quickly, completely and irreversibly. The extremely rapid reaction between AcroClear H2S scavenger and iron sulfide dissolver and H2S can be an advantage when retention time is an issue. 


Highly-effective solution to address iron sulfide and H2S challenges



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