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Halliburton is excited to exhibit at the 65th annual SPWLA Symposium and Exhibition. Join us at the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) 2024, May 18 to May 22, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel and Resort. 

Stop by and see us at booth #26.


Featured Event

Icebreaker reception | sponsored by Halliburton

Join us from 19:00 to 22:00, Sunday, May 19 in Salao Carioca at the Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel and Resort for a cocktail reception. Registered guests of the symposium are invited for the Sunday evening icebreaker reception. This will be a great opportunity meeting up with old acquaintances or making new contacts while celebrating the opening of the symposium.

Featured workshops

Enhancing field understanding and well placement

  • Saturday, May 18 – 8:00am – 4:30pm
  • Instructors: Nigel Clegg, Ph.D., Arthur Walmsley, and Carlos Torres-Verdín, Ph.D.

Digital rocks demystified

  • Saturday, May 18 – 8:00am – 4:30pm
  • Instructors: Abraham (Avrami) Grader, João Paulo Pereira Nunes, Rodrigo Surmas, and Nathaly L. Archilha

Advanced borehole image applications - reservoir characterization

  • Saturday, May 18 – 8:00am – 4:30pm
  • Instructors: Susana Gutierrez Carrilero, Peter Barrett, Candida Menezes, Andre Compan, Chandramani Shrivastava, and Camilla Bazzarella
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Towards the effective use of borehole acoustics

  • Sunday, May 19 – 8:00am – 4:30pm
  • Instructors: Philip Tracadas, Tiago Rossi, Matthew Blyth, and Brian Hornby

Energy transition petrophysics - CCUS

  • Sunday, May 19 – 8:00am – 4:30pm
  • Instructors: Sami Eyuboglu, Adam Haecker, Dler Mirza, Monica Guerrero, and David Chace
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Explore additional solutions

EarthStar® X Service

EarthStar® X Service

Near-bit, shallow, and ultra-deep resistivity service that enables accurate reserves evaluation to help place wells in the productive zone of the most complex reservoirs.

StrataXaminer™ Imaging Service

StrataXaminer™ Imaging Service

The Halliburton StrataXaminer™ Imaging Service provides more accurate well data to better evaluate production potential and increase return on investment.

XMR™: Best-in-Class Magnetic Resonance Logging

XMR™: Best-in-Class Magnetic Resonance Logging

XMR examines your reservoir’s smallest pores and characterizes formations using high-resolution, best-in-class magnetic resonance logging.


Technical papers

First-Ever Seven Pipe Corrosion Evaluation for Comprehensive Assessment of Pipe Integrity in Complex Well Completions
Ahmed E. Fouda, Junwen Dai, Huiwen Sheng, Mahmoud Saada, Neil Ostermann, and Sushovon Roy, Halliburton

Core Cleaning for Wettability Restoration – How Clean Is Clean?
Hussain Al Qatari, Halliburton; Shouxiang (Mark) Ma, Aramco; Ahmed Hafez and Taha Okashah, Halliburton

Optimizing Well Placement Using Real-Time Ultradeep Resistivity Look-Around Inversion – Deepwater GOM Case Study
Franck Michel, David Lopez, and Do Dang Sa, Halliburton; Christopher Moyer, Amy Borgmeyer, Bobby Bodek, and Alejandra C. Maldonado Pena, Oxy

The Integration of Shallow to Ultradeep LWD Data: The Key to Geosteering and Improved Reservoir Understanding
Carlos Sarquez and Rosamary Ameneiro, Halliburton; Petter Vikhamar and Embla Galdal, Conoco Phillips; Nigel Clegg, Halliburton

A Job Planner Software for Oil-Based Mud Resistivity Imagers
Ahmed Fouda, Baris Guner, and Peter Barrett, Halliburton

Integrated Application of Advanced Logging While Drilling for Understanding Altered Basement Rocks: A Case Study From the Norwegian North Sea
Sayyid Ahmad, Halliburton; Lars Riber, AkerBP and University of Oslo; Ingrid Piene Gianotten, Sanaz Javid, and Ophelie Durand, AkerBP; Srimantha Chakraborty, Karol Riofrio Rodriguez, Marius Lundegaard, Gianbattista Tosi, Robert Gales, and Richard Michael Holland, Halliburton; Knut Richard Straith and Nils Andre Aarseth, AkerBP; Sami Eyuboglu, Halliburton

A Physics-Informed Deep-Learning Architecture for Transforming NMR T2 to MICP Pore Throats for Carbonate Rocks
Wei Shao and Songhua Chen, Halliburton; Shouxiang (Mark) Ma, Gabor Hursan, and Abdullah Alakeely, Aramco

Geochemistry and Saturation Applications Utilizing a New Slim Pulsed-Neutron Technology
John Savage, Weijun Guo, Fransiska Goenawan, Hernan Mora, and Sushovon Roy, Halliburton

Enhancing Local Anisotropy Characterization With Ultradeep Azimuthal Resistivity Measurements
Hsu-Hsiang (Mark) Wu, Dagang Wu, Yijing Fan, Jin Ma, Clint Lozinsky, and Michael Bittar, Halliburton

High-Definition-Mapping UDAR Inversion Provides Accurate Geobody Geometries in a Complex 3D Reservoir
Karol Riofrio, Nigel Clegg, and Hsu-Hsiang (Mark) Wu, Halliburton; Joanna Mouatt and Fanny Dominique Marcy, Aker BP



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