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Halliburton is proud to be exhibiting at the 64th annual SPWLA Symposium and Exhibition. Join us at the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) 2023, June 10 to June 14, in Lake Conroe, Texas, USA at the Margaritaville Lake Resort.

Stop by and see us at booth #14.


Featured Event

Icebreaker Reception | Sponsored by Halliburton

Join us from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, Sunday, June 11 at the Margaritavile pool for a cocktail reception. Registered guests of the symposium are invited for the Sunday evening icebreaker reception. This will be a great opportunity meeting up with old acquaintances or making new contacts while celebrating the opening of the symposium.

Margaritaville Resort
Margaritaville Resort

Featured Workshop

Wellbore Diagnostics for CCUS Projects

Saturday, June 10 – 8:00am – 4:30pm

Instructors: Dr. Luis Quintero & Robert Gales – Halliburton

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Featured Workshop

The Importance of Petrophysics in Resources and Reserves Estimation

Sunday, June 11 – 8:00am – 4:30pm

Instructors: Joshua Oletu, Luis F. Quintero, Javier Miranda, Philip Gibbons and Cecilia Flores

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Featured Workshop

Introduction to Borehole Image Logs from Acquisition to Interpretation

Sunday, June 11 – 8:00am – 4:30pm

Instructors: Bernd Ruehlicke, Bastian Roters, Susana Gutierrez Carrilero, Shim Yen Han (Yenny), Chandramani Shrivastava and Peter Barrett

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Featured Workshop

Introduction to Formation Testing – Data and Analysis

Sunday, June 11 – 8:00am – 4:30pm

Instructors: Juan Carlos Nunez, Dr. Gibran Hashmi, Dr. Sefer Coskun, Shahid Azizul Haq

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Explore additional solutions

BaseStar® service

BaseStar® service

Integrates critical measurements for wellbore placement, drilling performance optimization, and borehole quality.

StrataXaminer™ Imaging Service

StrataXaminer™ Imaging Service

The Halliburton StrataXaminer™ Imaging Service provides more accurate well data to better evaluate production potential and increase return on investment.

FastSCAL® Applications

FastSCAL® Applications

Simulate with Ingrain’s computational fluid dynamics engines: net oil or gas in place, production forecasts, waterflooding, EOR and CCUS scenarios.


Technical Papers

Integrated Physical and Digital Chalk Relative Permeability Evaluation: A Case Study
Abraham Grader, Bob Engelman, and Caroline Mignot, Halliburton; Knut Arne Birkedal, Nils Andre Aarseth, and Kristoffer Birkeland, Aker BP

3D Ultradeep Azimuthal Resistivity (UDAR), a Tool for Identification of Bypassed Pay in Mature Fields
Rosamary Ameneiro Paredes, Nigel Clegg, and Arthur Walmsley, Halliburton; Ingvild Andersen and Svein-Tore Brundtland, ConocoPhillips

A New Focused UDAR Inversion to Highlight Finer Geological Features in Transitional-Resistivity Formations
Hsu-Hsiang (Mark) Wu, Halliburton; Amitabha Chatterjee, Aker BP; Nigel Clegg, Jin Ma, Yijing Fan, Karol Riofrio, Clint Lozinsky, Michael Bittar, and Alban Duriez, Halliburton

Comparison of Minimum Principal Stress Data From Wireline Microfrac and Extended Leakoff Test in Norwegian Continental Shelf
Danil Maksimov, Dler Mirza, Olav-Magnar Nes, and Nils-Andre Aarseth, Aker BP; Venkat Jambunathan, Gibran Hashmi, Sayyid Ahmad, Bob Engelman, and Michael Evans, Halliburton

Developing Live Oil Property Models With Global Fluid Database Using Symbolic Regression
Songhua Chen, Christopher Michael Jones, Bin Dai, and Wei Shao, Halliburton

High-Resolution Optical Spectral Reconstruction and Downhole Fluid Analysis Using Broadband Spectrometer and Matching Pursuit Inversion
Zhonghuan Chen, Bin Dai, and Christopher Michael Jones, Halliburton

Holistic Integrated Approach for Reliable Leak Detection Using Beamforming of Acoustic Waveform and Basic Casedhole Logging
Maciej Kozlowski, Kresimir Vican, Rodney Howard, and Chung Yee Lee, Halliburton; Ana Maria Garcia Dominguez, ENEGAS

A Machine-Learning Approach Performed on New Technology for Images in Oil-Based Mud for Advanced Electrofacies Analysis – A Case Study From the Norwegian Sea
Sayyid Ahmad, Halliburton; Henrik Waage, Kristoffer Birkeland, Dler Mirza, and Nils Andre Aarseth, Aker BP; Peter Barrett, Bob Engelman, Robert Gales, and Venkat Jambunathan, Halliburton

Fracture Width Characterization by Integrated Analysis of Electrical Image and Acoustic Stoneley Reflectivity
Peter Barrett, Philip Tracadas, and Eglee Lopez, Halliburton

Customized Workflow for Proactive Geosteering in Thin Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoirs Utilizing Deep Resistivity Inversion
Hesham Elmasry, Halliburton; Ahmed Fateh and Abdullah Al-Haji, Aramco

Evaluation of PVT Comparisons and GOR Prediction Based on Advanced Mud Gas Data: A Case Study From Snorre Field
Priscila Furghieri Bylaardt Caldas and George Kirkman, Halliburton

NMR Fluid Substitution for Multimodal Carbonate Pore Systems
Wei Shao and Gabriela Singer, Halliburton; Gabor Hursan and Shouxiang Mark Ma, Saudi Aramco

Iterative Cement Bond Logging Without Calibration
Jiajun Zhao and Ruijia Wang, Halliburton

Resolving Chloride Ion Concentration Through In-Situ Optical Spectroscopy: A Venture Into Downhole Water Chemistry Analysis
Rohin Naveena-Chandran, Farrukh Hamza, Vinay Mishra, Rojelio Medina, Jimmy Price, Bin Dai, and Yasin Abulaiha, Halliburton; Ricardo Freitas, Scott Hanson, Aygul Kostinovsky, Wei Wang, Wei Wei, and Emily Troxell, Chevron



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