Improve fluid flow to increase recovery factors

After stimulation, a well’s producing matrix will gradually start to diminish. An effective flow enhancer mobilizes trapped hydrocarbons and prevents and breaks emulsions, which is critical to the production of oil and gas.

In complex fracture networks, deeper penetration of flow-enhancing chemistry can help improve fracture connectivity, fluid mobility, and mitigation of high fluid friction and heterogeneity effects. 

Performance-driven chemistry for enhanced recovery 

Using innovative and industry-proven chemistries, the Transcend™ permeability enhancer expands the reservoir contact area and improves fluid flow to increase recovery factors. Transcend products help deliver deeper reservoir penetration, allowing you to stimulate more of the reservoir to maximize the effectiveness of the created fracture network and improve ultimate recovery. 

Stimulation Chemicals

Identify the best additives to optimize well performance

By complementing Transcend™ permeability enhancers with the RockPerm® fracturing service, Halliburton technology teams can further optimize chemistries and concentrations based on specific well parameters. 

The RockPerm service is a stimulation additive selection process that integrates specialized laboratory testing and chemical evaluation to identify the best additives for optimizing well performance.

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Flow enhancer under laboratory setting

Discover Halliburton flow enhancer solutions

Transcend™ permeability enhancers

Transcend™ permeability enhancers

Flow-enhancing technology designed to improve the permeability of fractures.

RockPerm® fracturing service

RockPerm® fracturing service

An advanced chemical testing process that improves stimulation performance by optimizing additive selection and concentrations based on reservoir needs.


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