Halliburton Introduces BrightStar® Look-Ahead Resistivity Service

A novel solution that reveals the path ahead of the drill bit to enable proactive drilling decisions.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - HOUSTON - November 1, 2022 - Halliburton Company (NYSE: HAL) today introduced the BrightStar® look-ahead resistivity service, a novel solution that reveals the path ahead of the drill bit to enable proactive drilling decisions. The BrightStar service incorporates data, calculations, and visualization technology to reduce operational risks in unknown environments and provide operators higher confidence to avoid unwanted formation exits.

The BrightStar service provides reservoir insight of the trajectory ahead and detects changes in formation resistivity, reducing the uncertainty of formation boundary positions. It uses high signal-to-noise sensitivity to map formation and fluid boundaries up to 100 feet (30 meters) ahead of the bit in low angle wells along with near-bit resistivity and anisotropy.

“The key differentiator of BrightStar is its ability to inform operators about what is ahead of the well path before drilling through it,” said Jim Collins, vice president of Sperry Drilling. “This means faster, proactive decisions to mitigate drilling risks and enable consistent well delivery.”

The BrightStar service provides enhanced formation evaluation, faster drilling decisions, and hazard avoidance in one compact collar design. The BrightStar service is part of Halliburton’s iStarTM intelligent drilling and logging platform, which combines deep subsurface insights with artificial intelligence for superior drilling performance and consistent well delivery.

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