CFR-4™ Cement Friction Reducer

CFR-4™ cement friction reducer helps reduce apparent viscosity and can improve the rheological properties of a cement slurry.

CFR-4 cement friction reducer is available only in powder form. It helps improve fluid-loss control to an extent and can slightly retard cement.

CFR-4 cement friction reducer is designed for use in wells with bottomhole circulating temperatures (BHCTs) above 60°F (16°C). Because this additive helps improve the slurry’s rheological properties, friction pressures are reduced during pumping. Consequently, turbulent flow can be achieved at lower pumping rates.

CFR-4 cement friction reducer can increase the apparent viscosity of slurries that contain low fluid-loss materials (especially HALAD®-9 additive, HALAD®-12 additive, and HALAD®-22 additive). It is not recommended for use in slurries with a salt concentration of 18% (by weight of water) or greater.

Because it helps reduce a slurry’s apparent viscosity, CFR-4 cement friction reducer can allow the slurry to be mixed at a higher density while an adequate pumping rate is maintained. As a result, weighting material requirements can be reduced or eliminated.

CFR-4™ Cement Friction Reducer

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