Range of decanting centrifuges for optimum performance

Removing drill solids and recovering fluids and weighting agents are effective ways to control fluid performance. With Baroid’s line of decanting centrifuges, these capabilities are built into single, modular units. Whether your operations entail oil-based or water-based fluid systems, onshore or offshore applications, we can customize your centrifuge selections to get the most out of your solids control solutions and deliver exceptional fluid performance.

Discard low gravity solids and maintain fluid consistency

Fixed speed, hydraulic, or variable frequency drive centrifuge options can be applied to your operation to efficiently separate low gravity solids from useful weighting material. Removal of these lighter solids helps maximize the volume of recovered fluid that can be re-used in the active mud system. Our centrifuges can help you maintain consistent fluid density and rheology so you can keep drilling with fluid performance that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Increase efficiency and reduce HSE risk

Our line of fully-automated centrifuges is designed to deliver optimized solids separation and improved visibility into operational performance. Advanced automation capabilities and real-time diagnostics can help you quickly identify areas for performance improvement or maintenance, while remote operations capabilities and access to information can help reduce personnel risk on location.

A seamless rig-up with the Bara-G-Force™ Centrifuge Stand

The Bara-G-Force™ hydraulic centrifuge stand allows you to deliver pumps, panels, centrifuges, and more – as a self-lifting, plug-and-play assembly.

A seamless rig-up with the Bara-G-Force™ Centrifuge Stand

BaraG-Force™ Centrifuges

The centrifuge is the last line of mechanical defense against solids buildup in the active mud system. That’s why we have designed the slimline BaraG-Force™ centrifuges, with variable frequency drive (VFD), to process high volumes at high G-forces. This combination ensures that you achieve your cutpoints for barite recovery or solids removal operations.

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